Kachina 505DSP Transceiver    The origional software controlled radio

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KUN001 - SRAM Backup and Restore

This document outlines the problems involved with the battery backed SRAM data, the backup of data, loss, and restoration of it. It attempts to explain the types of memory and some background on the battery problem. It will be revised from time to time to reflect accumulated knowledge. Rev. 1.01, May 30, 2007. Contributed by Don L. Jackson, AE5K.

This is a PDF file and may be downloaded here: kun001.pdf

Additions and corrections to KUN001 that will be incorporated into the next revision: Appendix A applies to KCCAL.exe, not LAST2.exe As of mid-June (2007), work and progress is ongoing for probing the firmware secrets.

KUN002 - How to Replace the Battery

This Kachina Users Note takes you through the steps of battery replacement. Rev. 1.01 - May 29, 2007. Contributed by Tom Mandell, W3FRG. This is a fairly large PDF file (over 700kB) and may be downloaded here: kun002.pdf

Please read KUN001 before following this Kachina Users Note!

KUN003 - to be posted later

KUN004 - PSK31 Performance

PSK31 Performance - some experiments, results, and comments by George Baker, W5YR (SK) written in October 2000 on how to get the best signal out of the Kachina 505DSP.

This is a PDF file and may be downloaded here: kun004.pdf