Kachina 505DSP Transceiver    The origional software controlled radio

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Added KCTS program reference under "New Software"


Software "Types"

Control and operation of the Kachina 505DSP is dependent on two types of software: (1) a software control program operating on your PC (called just "software" below), and (2) a software program contained within your 505DSP in either a (EP)ROM or a PCMCIA ROM card (called "firmware" below). Each type has a version number associated with it, often quite similar and confusing.

Software And Firmware Compatibility

The format for version numbers is V.XY; where V is the major version number, Y is the minor version number, and X = 1, 2, 3 for ITU Regions 1, 2, 3. Versions of software and firmware having the same major version number are guaranteed compatible. Mixing software and firmware with different major version numbers will result in an inability to control new features and the possible occurrence of error messages. Also, DO NOT USE version 4.xy software with firmware 3.x This will simply not work!!!!

Our archive for versions of software released for the Kachina 505DSP may be found HERE

To install version 4.41, install 4.11 or 4.21 first and then extract the files from the 4.41 archive and REPLACE "KC505.exe" with the new one.

If anyone has ANY version not in our archive, please contact AB8AA (address on CONTACT page) so we may include it. We are definitely missing some versions.

NEW Software!


Dave (W1HKJ) has written a new (in 2006-2013) Kachina 505DSP control program named "kcat" and has also written a very nice maintenance program named "kcts". Both which runs under either Windows or Linux. Nice! Both programs and their help files can be found at http://sourceforge.net/projects/fldigi/files/ We urge Kachina 505DSP owners to try Dave's program and give him feedback -- he's a Kachina owner too! (While you're on his website, look over some other very fine software he has written, especially FLDIGI if you are interested in digital modes.)


This progran is no longer available


Carl Moreschi N4PY has also written a new (in 2013) Kachina 505DSP control program as part of his Pegasus Plus program. This program has a 10 day free trial period. It is available directly at http://n4py.com/ then click on "Pegasus Plus"